What is Health Stripped? 

Health Stripped is the a health coaching practice founded by an Australian health coach and nurse named Susan who provides practical weight loss solutions to individuals based on good old fashioned, simple and sustainable strategies.  I do this by providing individual one to one health coaching tailored to my clients needs and their identified personal  health goals. 

What’s with the name?

I came up with the name of my business Health Stripped after taking a really long look at the journey I’d been on. I once was stripped of health, then realized in order to rebuild my health and wellness I needed to strip back all of the toxins I’d allowed into my life.  I like the metaphor of getting naked to live your best life – to me, this means ridding yourself of all of the junk (physical, mental and emotional) that we tend to build up and hang on to over the years.

Who’s Susan?

Well, I’m the founder and boss lady of the Health Stripped brand! I like to consider myself as a bit of a backyard farmer and a proud gym junkie. I love to eat real food, enjoy spending time developing new gluten free recipes and get a lot of satisfaction from assisting my clients in their quest to attain their ideal health weight.

I’m also a mum to two gorgeous young ladies and the partner of a incredibly wonderful and talented muso.

You can read more about me here.

What is the health stripped life about?

It’s all about keeping it simple! Nourishing with real foods and appreciating the little things. It was returning to the simple things that ultimately turned my health, and life, around.

Are you available for coaching?

Yes! But I do only take a limited number of clients and my schedule is pretty full. Drop me a line and we’ll see if we can make a time work, otherwise I’d be happy to refer you to some of my health coaching colleagues.

So, you write a lot about being Coeliac, do I need to go gluten free to lose weight? 

Absolutely not!

As a diagnosed Coeliac I do eat entirely gluten free and my recipes reflect that. Before being diagnosed with coeliac disease, I was severely underweight. Within years of my diagnosis I had blown up bigger than a beached whale at Bondi (OK…… perhaps a slight exaggeration, but I was overweight) and this is where my interest in weight loss began.  

After undergoing, and eventually winning, my own weight loss battles, I eventually gravitated to work within the weight loss industry and from here my desire to help people lose weight began.