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Hi Im susan

Hello and welcome to Health Stripped!

I’m Susan, prior toxin junkie reformed and reborn into an advocate for all things health & wellness related. I’m a lover of real food, practising kindness and keeping life simple.

Health Stripped is my little patch where I like to spread the word on health, wellness and all that jazz. Here you will find clean, gluten free recipes as well as articles that cover a broad spectrum of health and wellness topics. 

My goal is to help you find optimal health and wellness by stripping back the toxins and enjoying a simpler way of life.

My Story

A few years back I was overweight, depressed, lacked love and spirit. My life revolved around trying to make others happy whilst I became progressively more miserable. I was a horrible person to be around and my poor state of health and wellbeing showed in every aspect of my life.    

“In short, I was broken in every possible way.”

After a particularly treacherous life event I had what I guess you could call an awakening, Oprah would define it as an a-ha moment. I simply know it as the moment that changed, and ultimately saved my life. 

The most fundamental realisation I made was that I has allowed too much toxicity into my life. This came in many forms including foods, habits and relationships.  I realised the only way that I could repair my body and soul was to perform a complete cleanse and strip all of the toxins out of my life. 

“By stripping back the layers and ridding the toxicity I found love and pure joy.  I went from being overweight, unfit, unhealthy and sad to living a life full of health, happiness and joy, a life that I could have never imagined.”

My experience proved that in order to achieve optimal health and wellness, each and every aspect of your life must be stripped back and cleansed, all toxicity must be removed, and it’s not as difficult as you may think……

I work with individuals who want to feel more zest for life, experience joy and adventures, live a healthier lifestyle, have more focus and less stress. If these are things you inspire to attain, I encourage you to reach out and work with me. 

You can learn more about my coaching services here, and discover what the Health Stripped philosophy is here. I look forward to walking the journey to better health with you.

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