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Right room, wrong time

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I recently sat through an entire lecture in which I didn’t belong.


Frazzled, and stressed, right room, wrong time.

It actually was the first that I have done this since having returned to study. A surprise really given the last two and a half years have been almost as enjoyable as having a Brazilian wax – ten times over.

I don’t actually mean that, truly I don’t.

In a way, returning to study was one of my saving graces. I attribute this largely due to the fact that I am studying nursing, dealing with people who are suffering their own health crisis forced me to take a good hard look at my own health status. Plus, when you delve into the study of nursing, you realise what can go wrong…..and that is kind of frightful!

It’s also shown me that I can persevere (something I’ve doubted over the years), activate my brain to soak up new and often very foreign learning material and exist on an average of six hours sleep a night, so my Fitbit tells me.

So it’s not all been bad. Can’t say it’s all been easy, but it has been a worthwhile journey. Sometimes we end up in places we didn’t intend to, sometimes we go off track.  But that’s all part of the experience. 

Anyone who asks me about studying a mature aged student I tell them just to go for it. Life is short and and a dream will always be a dream without a goal. As C.S. Lewis said

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

Deciding to study again for me was easy. The execution of it, not so much. You may sit through the wrong lecture from time to time, but I guarantee you’ll still take something from the experience.




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